• Brooks Community Park (map)
  • 50 South Road
  • Fort Myers, FL, 33907
  • United States
ChampionCHIP - The Justice League - Ft. Myers, FL  7/26/19

ChampionCHIP - The Justice League - Ft. Myers, FL 7/26/19

Congrats to “The Justice League” on their 2nd ChampionCHIP of 2019 on Friday, July 26th at Brooks Community Park. They defeated No Bad Pitches 4 - 0 for the win in a four inning showdown. Thank you to all other teams who came out and played; Bad News Beers, Culver’s w/ the Sauce, Conquerors, and Wiffle Fries. Our next tournament in Ft. Myers is on Friday, August 23rd. See you there!



What are the rules?

Basically, we are playing miniature Baseball. Only 4 players on defense, pitch speed is limited, and fielders can throw grounders to the pitcher for the force play at 1B. We run bases and play pegs. See our video rulebook below:

What should we bring?

The only think you NEED to bring is a team of 4 - 5 ballplayers. We provide all bats, balls and equipment. It is good idea for teams/players bring their own chairs, cooler and a tent. You are welcome to bring your own bat if you want, but it must be an official Wiffle bat (skinny yellow), and there can be no modifications to the bat other than grip tape. Molded cleats are ok, but no metal. Most people wear gym shoes.

What do the winners get?

There is not a cash prize, but the winners do get some cool stuff. We have hats, shirts and other small handouts. Winning a ChampionCHIP also qualifies a team for the year ending FLORIDA W I D E tournament. However, the best prize of all is winning..

Do we need to wear uniforms?

No, but they sure do look good. Players can dress as casually or as done up as they please.

How long does a tournament last?

Tournaments last just 2 - 3 hours. Depending of weather and, whether hitters are swinging or taking :)

How early can we arrive?

One hour prior to the start time for BP/check-in. If you want some swings, get there a little early.

How old do you have to be to play?

These are adult events. However, with parental consent ages 15 and up can play.

For any further questions about a tournament/event please contact:


For additional info about registering a team or to inquire about scheduling your own event, contact nate@backyardrule.com