• Baldwin Junior H.S. (map)
  • 291 Mill Street West
  • Baldwin, FL, 32234
  • United States

This is a fundraiser tournament played with Wiffle ball, supporting Baldwin Junior HS on Sunday, September 29th starting at 1:30 pm. Teams are made up of 4-6 players and the registration fee is $150/team. All teams are guaranteed a three game minimum (3 inning games) or nine innings total. See below for rules and additional info. The tournament will be located on the Baseball Field at Baldwin. Online registration is required for all teams who want to participate. This event is capped at 16 teams.



What are the rules?

Basically, we are playing miniature Baseball. Only 4 players are allowed on defense, and grounders can be thrown to the pitcher for the force at 1B. See below for rulebook.

What should we bring?

The only think you NEED to bring is a team of 4 - 5 ballplayers. We provide all bats, balls and equipment. It is good idea for teams/players bring their own chairs, cooler and a tent. You are welcome to bring your own bat if you want, but it must be an official Wiffle bat (skinny yellow), and there can be no modifications to the bat other than grip tape. Molded cleats are ok, but no metal. Most people wear gym shoes.

Do we need to wear uniforms?

No, but they sure do look good. Players can dress as casually or as done up as they please.

How long does a tournament last?

Tournaments last just 2 - 3 hours. Depending of weather and, whether hitters are swinging or taking :)

How early can we arrive?

One hour prior to the start time for BP/check-in. If you want some swings, get there a little early.

This event is hosted by Backyard Rule, LLC. For information on upcoming tournaments or to schedule your own special event contact: