• TSYS (map)
  • 1 Tsys Way
  • Columbus, GA, 31901
  • United States

TYSY is a payment solutions company based out of Columbus, GA.  They invited us up to be a part of their "All Star Week" as a 35 year celebration of team appreciation.  Employees made teams and departments made special requests to play one another.  It was an all out blast with hundreds of players and thousands of spectators.  The first portion of the events was on Wednesday, May 10th at their campus in Columbus, GA.  The second day (Thursday) was an evening event just down the road at Golden Ball Park. Executives played with (and against) team members in a historic stadium filled with cheering employees and their families.  In-between games the kids ran the bases and the Silver Wings had a parachute demonstration, accurately and softly landing on the field.  

Thank you to Outdoor Events for contacting us to help run the tournament and games.  We are honored to have been one of many moving parts in a spectacular event.  Another thank you to TSYS, their CEO Troy Woods, and all of their team members for your participation and outstanding sportsmanship.  Check out some photos below! 

Stay tuned for a small highlight video!