• Fruitville Park (map)
  • 5151 Richardson Road
  • Sarasota, FL, 34232
  • United States

On Saturday, April 13th we will host a tournament with the Wiffle bat and ball in Sarasota, FL at Fruitville Park starting at 6:00 pm. Teams are made up of 4 - 6 players and the registration fee is $125 per team. PRE-REGISTER ONLINE one week or earlier from the tourney date for $100/team. Contact nate@backayrdrule.com for additional information.

Tournament details:

All teams are guaranteed a three game minimum (three inning games), or nine innings total. There are 4 - 6 players per team. All players can bat, but only 4 are allowed on defense. Substitute defensive players at any time. We provide all bats, balls and playing equipment. Teams should bring a cooler, chairs and maybe a tent. Molded cleats are ok, but NO METAL cleats. Gym shoes are recommended. The tournament format starts with round robin play and ends with a single elimination playoff. A tournament usually lasts 2 - 3 hours (start to finish).

See our video rulebook below:

For additional info about registering a team or to inquire about scheduling your own event, contact nate@backyardrule.com