If you are looking for a memorable birthday for your son or daughter, or an end of the year party for your youth Baseball/Softball team, look no farther.  Give us a call, select a date/location, and we'll be there.  The BEST PART is that we take care of entertaining the kids.  Parents are welcome to play if they like, or hang out on the side with their adult beverage.  Kick back and relax.  We got this.  We also have options for photography and video of your special day. 


Team Building Events

We define "The Backyard Rule" as: Playing to win one's respect, before winning the game itself.  What better way to encourage your group of employees or co-workers to work together for the better.  No matter your age or athletic ability, everyone can excel in sportsmanship and have a blast at these events.  We can handle group sizes ranging from 10 - 100 people.  



Take a minute and think about all of the typical fundraisers out there.. 5k's, car washes, raffles, phone calls begging for donations, etc.  First of all, they have all been done before, and overdone for years.  Second off, the logistics and set-up is a pain in the you know what for the organizers.. A Backyard Rule fundraiser is a WHOLE NEW ball game.  Not only do participants get a uniques and fun experience, but the organizers life is made easy.  We handle the tournament set up, gameplay, registration, and breakdown.  All you have to do is tell your friends.  Easiest said, you bring the people, we bring the FUN.  We can even make you a flyer, and list the event on our website to make promotions easy as pie.  




We host tournaments in several cities around Florida; St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Port St. Lucie, Tampa, Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, and Ocala.  Bring your team out and see how you match up agains the best around.  Or, just come out with a cooler and have a blast.  Either way, we guarantee you will have fun.