Palm Harbor - Tournament Registration

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Palm Harbor - Tournament Registration


Pre-register online and save $25.

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CALLING ALLLL BALLPLAYERS!!! This is an adult tournament played with Wiffle ball. Teams are made up of 4 - 5 players and the registration fee is $125. *Pre-register online one week or before the event date just $100/team. Round up your squad and come get some.


What are the rules?

Basically, we are playing miniature Baseball. Only 4 players on defense, pitch speed is limited, and fielders can throw grounders to the pitcher for the force play at 1B. We do run the bases and also we play pegs. Click here for our full video rulebook!

What should we bring?

The only think you NEED to bring is a team of ballplayers. We provide all bats, balls and equipment. It is good idea for teams/players bring their own chairs, cooler and a tent. You are welcome to bring your own bat if you want to, but it must be an official Wiffle bat (skinny yellow one), and there can be no modifications to the bat other than grip tape. Molded cleats are ok, but no metal. Most people wear gym shoes. Uniforms are not required but they do look good!

What do the winners get?

You get a ChampionCHIP. You. Stomped. That. Ass… Now, CHIP stands for “choose how I play” and it’s is pretty much what we are all about. Can we, as competitors, also be courteous and respectful towards our opponents? Is there enough class and sportsmanship left in this world? No doubt there are some fragile feelings, sore losers and just as many douchey winners, possibly instilled in us long ago by bad little league coaches or mens softball leagues. OUR culture is the opposite, one that is competitive and giving. Winners are recognized on social media and there are highlight videos (look to your right) posted weekly. Teams accumulate points based upon events played and results. At the end of the year the top teams from each city face off at Florida Wide. Along with winning a CHIP, we had out things like hats, shirts, koozies, etc.

How long does a tournament last?

Just 2 - 3 hours (depending on how well you do). BP/check-in begins one hour before the start time.

How old do you have to be to play?

Our tournaments are usually an adult crowd. However, ages 14+ are allowed to play as long as they have parental consent.

CHECK OUT a highlight video from a recent event below! Like, follow and subscribe to us @backyardrule for all the top plays.

The “CHIP” in ChampionCHIP stands for Choose How I Play.

For additional information about registering for a tournament or to schedule your own event (fundraiser, party, etc) contact